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Workshop: Rapid Prototyping Technologies

On 5th February 2020, ShikiFactory100 hosted a workshop on "Rapid Prototyping Technologies for Biomanufacturing" for members of both industry and academia.

About The Workshop

The development of economically feasible and sustainable biotechnological processes as alternatives to oil-based chemistry is one of the major goals of a bio-based economy and the global chemical industry has started to transition from the use of conventional petrochemical processes to novel bio-based ones. 

Metabolic engineering technologies have found increasing success in the past decade by engineering and optimizing industrial hosts to competitively produce high-value metabolites. The reduction of time from conception to development is however, essential in order to scale-up such technologies.

In automated robotic platforms, the selection within the design space of biological circuits and biosensors can be optimized, built and tested based on multicriteria objectives that are fed back into learn and design engines. The high success rate of this rapid design and prototyping of microbially-produced compounds reveals the potential role of biofoundries in leading the sustainable production of next-generation bio-based chemicals.

The workshop did not have a hands-on (practical) approach however, three guests were invited to talk about relevant topics, followed by short discussion and interaction with the audience. 

Program overview

  • Talk 1 - Pablo Carbonell (The University of Manchester, SYNBIOCHEM): Rapid prototyping of microbial synthetic pathways for biomanufacturing;
  • Talk 2 - Hans Roubos (DSM Biotechnology Center): Rapid prototyping using Design-Build-Test-Learn in industrial biotechnology;
  • Talk 3 - Jason T. Gammack (CCO, Inscripta): Digital Genome Engineering: Unlocking the Unlimited Potential of Biology;
  • Roundtable discussion - Moderated by Simão Soares (SilicoLife)
  • Demo of the Onyx platform - Kim Soerensen (Inscripta)


Date And Time
Wed, February 5, 2020
2:00 PM – 5:00 PM CET


Rosalind Franklin Biotechnology Center, DSM
Alexander Fleminglaan 1
2613 AX Delft

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