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Project results

The project will generate results in a range of formats. Navigate this page to find project deliverables, scientific publications and a variety of communication items.





Project deliverables

Public SHIKIFACTORY100 deliverables will be made available here as soon as they are complete:


WP1: Project Management
D1.4: Final project report to the European Commission - due month 48

WP2: Retrosynthesis & Enumeration
D2.4: Pathway database with all ranking and analysis metrics - due month 36

WP3: Chemical Synthesis of New Products
No public deliverables

WP4: Gene Discovery & Protein Engineering
No public deliverables

WP5: In Silico Metabolic Engineering
D.5.5: Public Final version of the updated models, due month 42

WP6: Pathway Screening 
No public deliverables

WP7: Cell Factory Construction 
No public deliverables

WP8: Product Validation & Sustainability Appraisal
D8.5: Sustainability appraisal and risk assessment of 10 target molecules, due month 48

WP9: Exploitation and dissemination 
D9.2: Project visuals and messaging

Communication material

In this section you can find all the communication material used to promote the project:



This document was developed to promote the project at events such as conferences or trade fairs. It contains general information about the project and describes its three major vectors (discovery, design & implementation, and validation).


Roll-up banner 


This document was developed to promote the project at events such as conferences or trade fairs.


Shikimate article


This article aims to provide background information about the research carried out by the project. It describes key metabolic pathways for living organisms, including the shikimate pathway, central to the Shikifactory100 project, and their applications at an industrial level.


Scientific publications

Project scientific publications coming soon!

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