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Workshop: Synthetic Biology Standards

On 12th September 2019, ShikiFactory100 hosted a workshop on "Synthetic Biology Standards" for members of both industry and academia.

About The Workshop

The development of economically feasible and sustainable biotechnological processes as alternatives to oil-based chemistry is one of the major goals of a bio-based economy and the global chemical industry has started to transition from the use of conventional petrochemical processes to novel bio-based ones. Synthetic biology and bio-based processes are expected to become the preferred approach for the production of chemicals in the future through the use of sustainable, renewable feedstocks and highly optimized cell factories.

One of the key challenges in shifting to a bio-based economy driven by synthetic biology is the widespread adoption of standards to ensure easy tracking, re-use, and replication of large volumes, experiments, parts, protocols and strains generated by novel approaches. This workshop hosted some of Europe's major players in the field of synthetic biology who shared their experiences in developing synthetic biology standards and how to promote their widespread adoption. The workshop did not have a hands-on (practical) approach however, three guests were invited to talk about relevant topics, followed by short discussion and interaction with the audience. 


Program overview


Date And Time
Thu, September 12, 2019
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM WEST

Startup Braga
Edifício GNRation
Praça Conde de Agrolongo, 123
4700-312 Braga

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