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ShikiFactory100 kick-off meeting


On February 7th, all partners involved in the SHIKIFACTORY100 project met in Brussels to launch this H2020 project. At the meeting, some 19 representatives from the 11 partnering organisations, presented and discussed their key roles and responsibilities within the project.

About the project

The SHIKIFACTORY100 project has received an 8 million € grant attributed by the EU for the production of a universe of more than 100 high value compounds from the shikimate pathway, a hub in cell metabolism, through the development of an optimised chassis and the proposal and implementation of novel biosynthetic routes for the production of known and new to nature molecules. The new compounds will find applications in the food, pharma and cosmetics sectors.
The SHIKIFACTORY100 Horizon2020 project is an international effort coordinated by biotech SME SilicoLife, in cooperation with some of the most relevant players in Europe, covering leading research institutions such as the Technical University of Denmark, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (Germany), École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland), NOVA University of Lisbon (Portugal), University of Manchester (UK) and University of Minho (Portugal); SMEs including c-LEcta (Germany), GalChimia (Spain), and NNFCC (UK); and a large industrial company, DSM, (Netherlands).

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